Frequently Asked Questions

Are we able to see a demo of the application working now?
You are able to request a demo at any time through our website - simply click on the request a demo button.
Do you produce iOS and Android Versions?
Our first roll out will be in January 2017 of the iOS version of the application with an Android version following shortly.
What experience do our team have with building apps?
Our team is comprised of a UK app development team who have worked across a variety of different industries creating apps and websites for large corporates to small start ups. Healthy Host Founder Lucy has over 11 years experience as an IT project manager who is experienced in delivery for large global clients.
Is there work done in the UK or offshore?
All work is done in the UK, Lucy is very hands on and likes to support and work with local, small businesses.
What is the price range for the app?
We have various pricing models depending on the functionality and integration however prices start from as little as £3000 plus VAT.
How customisable is the app?
The standard app can be customised to create your own app, you control the branding, content and pricing strategies on the apple store. We are happy to work with you to develop future functionality but this would be at a additional cost.
What ongoing costs are there?
There is a small ongoing cost for hosting.
Can you tell me a bit more about your company?
Healthy Host Apps was created with small health and wellbeing companies in mind, after years of working in technology we have realised that it is expensive and quite often confusing to implement apps for your brand.
We are here to make technology affordable and accessible for everyone! All the Healthy Host team are very interested in sports, health and fitness so we are combining our skills in both sectors to create something to help others!